Sex in the City

In the place where gossip never sleeps, pleasure has a cloke and a dagger


Something in the air

It started slowly...
A little more every day, a smile, a look, the intensity in the air between us. All leading to a disaster.
I knew the moment he first touched me - his hand on mine and all was clear - we were waiting.
The tension was increasing exponentially each time we were together and than one day it exploded.

I never thought I'd fall for a guy like that - a bit older, pathetic looking with manners of a five-year-old and the fact that I did blew me away. He just got me, knew what I wanted to say even when I didn't, we had conversations just by looking into each other's eyes, his every thought, every word was a gift for me and I found myself wheeled in by the charm I've never before knew he had. I was in trouble. Both of us being married made us even more aware of the distance we had to keep between us but it got to a point where we just couldn't help it.
There was something in the air that night.
We were working late on a big project we had to turn in. After hours of work we decided to take a break, open a bottle of wine a client brought us a few days back and just sit on the floor and relax.
We talked, laughed, almost cried at times and looked away every time our eyes met. When we got back to work I thought I was in the clear.

A calculation was giving him a hard time and I leaned over him staring at the computer screen and found a mistake. I turned my head around facing him and the look on his face crushed my last remaining wall. He pulled me into his lap, his warm lips on mine made my blood boil and my heart beating so hard I could have sworn half of the building could hear it. He wanted me more than I could imagine, his hands firmly holding me, his body pressed against mine, I wanted him inside me so bad I could scream. He threw me on the ground ripping off my braw, I took off his shirt and pulled down my stockings. He pulled up my skirt and got inside me, oh God nothing ever felt so good before. As he went in deeper and deeper I felt like I was flying, just looking at him gave me pleasure. I couldn't believe it was actually happening. He turned me over and lied on top of my back while his hand went down to my clit. He got inside me again. I felt his breath on my neck as he whispered "I want you, you're mine, tell me that you want me to fuck you, God I want you"...I came with a loud moan as a wave of warmth and pleasure rushed through my body like an earthquake, I felt him pulsate inside me and his grip became firmer as he sighed with pleasure.
We lied on the floor in each other's arms and knew. We knew we were in for the ride of our lives.


The Story of Anna

In the city where gossip never sleeps it's hard to find a good opportunity for an even better fuck unless you're a miracle worker or a shape changing cameleon. Wherever you go there are hidden eyes just waiting to disclose any wrong move you make to everyone they know. Half of those people probably know someone who knows you and in a few hours you no longer have a "decent" reputation so called for in order for a nice girl to get married some day.
I always thought Anna had the best  solution. Now this girl was something.
She looked like an aged virgin lost  in the big hostile crowd and she gave out the impression that she was  desperate  in the most important dating skill of them all - flirting.  But  a few of us who really knew her , knew different.  Not only did she know how to flirt but her dazzled virgin charm swiped men right off their feet. Although miserable in any normal long term relationship, Anna was a man eating beast when it came to hot secret short term relationships with every hunk she lied her eyes on. The basic secret was dislocation. She would meet men at congresses and meetings, always in a crowded room and catch them in her spider web. No one, of course,suspected because these social events were always hosted by organizations she worked for, there were too many people there to notice anyone missing for an hour or two. She would always come back from these trips full of juicy stories of new conquests we shared over an innocent cup of capuccino. All these men stayed on to be her loyal lackeys  until the next time some conference tied them back together for a few hours of hot lusty sex.
"If no one  sees  you, it's like it never happened!" she always said  and the rest of us knew that was true.
Although she was able to have multiple orgasms in one night, she seemed to have a specially hard time holding on to any man she wanted to spend months or years with. As much as the rest of us tried to solve this mystery or even offer words of advice, Anna never quite managed to have a functional relationship. Wrong men, wrong circumstances all led to her fear of commitment so she continued her life filled with " to go" romances and wild nights on sandy beaches and sleazy hotel rooms.
However, unlike the rest of us, Anna always had a big satisfied smile on her face while the rest of us constantly went on about absence of sex in our next-to-perfect relationships.
From all of Anna's adventures, one was highly intriguing.
She had met him at college where they both took business classes  and  he was in her group.  So they became great friends. Occasional coffees became regular nights out on the town and they seemed to get along just fine. A few occasional sparks burned out because of her insecurity and his girlfriend so they both decided, without the other one knowing about it, that it was best to leave things as they were, until one night.
She was once again feeling down because yet another man she thought she could date turned out to be a looser. Naturally she called her friends in the hope of drowning her sorrows in tequila. They partied, drank and even witnessed a bar fight. She was tired and decided to go home. On her way out of the club she stopped by the bathroom, as she went in she herd a womans moaning, the woman was His girlfriend having wild sex with the waiter. They never even noticed her as she ran out with the horrible doubt in her mind-to tell Him and risk being called a liar or not to tell Him and know that she is one. At that moment her phone rang and as she read his name from the display she felt like fainting. He said he was near by so they went for drinks at a small local pub. An hour later he seemed completely drunk so she decided to drive him home still struggling with her doubts. She helped him up the stairs and into his apartment . A few minutes later when he was in bed she took her bag and went for the door, she opened it and suddenly they slammed shut! Next thing she knew he was carrying her firmly to the bed. His kisses melted on her body, his hands gripping her hips as she released all her desire touching and grasping him firmly until he was finally inside her. Like a raged animal he went deeper every time until their bodies entwined in perfect rhythm, slower and slower and fast again for the best climax of her life.
In the morning she snuck out of the apartment and looked back on his beautiful sleeping face. She never told him what she saw earlier that night...

Sex in the City

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